Why Are the Roads so Dangerous

Draft of a speech for Lowry. "Make Minos Safe Again"

It is time for us to kick up the rhetoric. As we know Lowry’s stories have begun to seep into the collective conscious. I have developed a draft of a speech that is specifically designed to get the people riled up (despite the logical inconsistencies that exist in the prose).

I’ve heard tell of an increase of travelers being ambushed by gangs of thugs on the roads leading in and out of Minos. We should be deeply troubled by this fact. You see, the increase of extremely well armed bandits robbing simple travelers of the few coins they have is less an issue of criminality than a harbinger of serious economic strife…a warning sign of the extreme widening between the rich and the poor…a symptom of a nefarious social and political disease.

The disease is corruption. The disease is a cabal of powerful individuals who have tightened their grasp of the political system and who control the coin. The disease is corruption that, like water spilled onto cobblestone, finds every crack and crevice in the council. The disease is a secret organization that seeks to undermine the representation of good and honest god fearing people.

Rich and powerful politicians, many of whom pretend to be “representative of the people”, have no concern for supporting the classes “below them”. They actually have a vested interest in reducing the people’s influence, so that they can continue to stuff their wallets and purses with dirty money. If that weren’t troubling enough, these tyrants do the bidding of a secret organization that goes to great lengths to ensure that those who come into power are aligned with their nefarious interests. How does this organization accomplish their unquenchable ambition, you might ask? They do so through the worst methods possible, through murder and theft, and kidnapping and brainwashing. The politicians in their pockets allow these deeds to be done and will even gleefully participate in the unspeakable acts of evil.

We are on the verge of being inflicted with a plague, my friends. The only cure is for all of us to rally around those who will publicly denounce the evildoers. I call for those who truly ally with the people – for those few individuals in power with the courage to speak out against injustice – to come forward and make clear their allegiances. And, to those who are deeply entwined with the dark dank societies that control coin and political influence, your lies will be exposed, your true ambitions will be brought to light, and by the will of the people, you will be punished.



RileyJohnGibbs jkanengiser

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