Tonio's Leveling Thoughts

My first order of business is to spend the requisite time at the temple of Tymora, Goddess of Good Fortune, to level up to Cleric lvl 8. There I will learn how to imbue my weapon attacks with poison damage. That damage type will get me thinking about the synergy of potentially using my next level to choose Rogue lvl 3 and pick the Assassin path, since they get proficiency with the poison kit. This plan will then get me thinking about the Assassin we have locked in our basement and how maybe we are not so different, he and I. That will in turn give me the idea to use my high persuasion skill to try and turn him to our cause, which would be more useful than just leaving him tied up with no specific purpose in mind.

Then however that goes, we could use the ritual of allegiance to test if he’s truly been turned. OR we could even use that same ritual on him as a guinea pig to enlist him as a member of the Coin, so he could act as a spy for us.

This is what’s going through Tonio’s head as we travel back to the city. He expresses it to the group, so if you don’t see him at any point during tonight’s adventures, assume he’s following through with this plan.


RileyJohnGibbs ryskmonger42

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