Minos (City)

The city of Minos is the capital of the Republic of Minos. It has a population of approximately 20,000 predominantly human residents.


The first residents of Minos settled on the shores of the Icelink River about a millennium ago. It was called Riverside for hundreds of years before King Minos the First declared himself King and renamed it. Under his reign, the growing city expanded its influence and territory, annexing nearby towns, largely establishing the borders that have remained until present day.

For over two hundred years, the Kings of Minos, seven in all, ruled over the City and its territories. But King Minos VII had his own share of enemies within the city, and despite his efforts to silence the sedition, eventually an uprising of spurned aristocrats and organized thugs deposed and murdered the monarch, instituting the Minosian Republic. The new system of government was established not out of noble ideals but because no single person could grab the throne himself.

One hundred years ago, an army of undead threatened the Republic, lead by Undead Gunnar Liefsen, who was the risen champion of a resistance against King Minos the First’s expansion four and a half centuries earlier. This event is known as the Scourge. During the Scourge, residents of towns in the Republic took refuge within the City, spurring a boom in its population. The population of the City has more than doubled since before the Scourge.


Minos’ government on paper is a republic ruled by the Minosian Council, with elected council members issuing laws and decrees by majority vote. While every citizen of the Republic in theory has a vote in the election of these officials, in practice they are often disenfranchised, and the elections rigged in favor of the aristocrat who has bribed the right people and gained influence with the right organizations. One such example of disenfranchisement involves shutting down roads to prevent the citizens of unfriendly towns from casting votes in the City.

Most Minosians take pride in the fact they are not ruled over by a monarch, and that they have a say in the politics of their city. They celebrate every year the revolution centuries ago that overthrew the last King Minos VII.

Locations in Minos

Minos (City)

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