Everswood is a village of approximately 200 mostly human residents in the Minosian Republic. It gets its name from the magically evergreen trees that grow in the area, seemingly inoculated against the harshness of winter. The village has only a simple low stone wall built around it.

Notable locations

The Titled Pint is the only public tavern in town. Crav Broma is the proprietor.

Outside of town there is a millennia-old burial mound that may have been built by the same people that placed the enchantment on these woods.

Notable residents

Robin Westbrook: Wealthy local trader

Brenton Addlesboro: Blacksmith

Jackson Jackelroy: Apprentice to Addlesboro

Crav Broma: Proprietor of the Tilted Pint

Zenia Acton: Barmaid at the Tilted Pint


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